are pushing the limits of technology in the lending industry, putting creative problem solving, analysis and testing of process, method and outcome at the core of the business. We continuously hunt for new talent and unique thinkers at the top of their fields, to reframe problems and find the solutions that traditional work cultures struggle to produce.

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Silvercat has an extraordinary team of proven high achievers, built with an open-minded approach to recruiting and nurturing talent from academia and industry. Top-tier graduates, academic heavyweights and seasoned professionals with decades of real-world experience in leading organisations, collaborate to build cutting edge credit risk technologies for our partners.

This diverse, multi-dimensional, tight-knit team excels in a working culture quite unlike anything else. We have moved away from a typical hierarchy, preferring a flat structure where team members are encouraged to contribute to all stages of the process. Nowhere else offers such full stack experience and, in this agile and collaborative environment, issues are raised early and resolved quickly.

All of our team members, regardless of experience, are empowered to ask why, and what if - interrogating and reframing problems, and developing frameworks and methodologies that deliver outstanding commercial and consumer outcomes, and reshape the lending industry.

It's challenging, engaging, and it attracts the very best, including those from fields unrelated to traditional financial services, looking for unique challenges beyond the day-to-day. While we don't consider it a requirement to working at Silvercat, we are proud that the team includes many with advanced MSc or PhD qualifications, and we collectively boast expertise in Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science, Medical Engineering, Maths, Economics and more.

Where we really lead the way is in creating an environment where a team like this can flourish. We demand excellence and we get it, nurturing thought leaders and pioneers in the fields of Consumer Lending solutions, Risk and Financial modelling, Data Processing and Software/System Engineering.

But we also respect boundaries, and encourage a healthy life outside the office, both in private lives and as a team. It's not always about work, and that's why it works. We create opportunities for the team to bond, spending valuable time together away from the desk, building trust and open communication with events, game nights, drinks, weekend trips, workshops and more.

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If you think you'd fit in to a team like this, we'd love to hear from you. Our current vacancies are shown below, but there is always room for extraordinary people that can bring something new to the Silvercat table.

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