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Silverstripe Credit & Technologies - aka "Silvercat" - is at the forefront of digital lending in the UK. A vital component of the Plata Embedded Finance Group, our team was the power behind the group's first lending enterprise back in 2014, and has since grown into a stand-alone entity, embodying the group's vision with an unparalleled blend of technical expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the consumer finance landscape.

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With the latest advances in machine learning, and seamless integration with 3rd parties such as digital marketplaces, Open Banking providers, and payments solutions, Silvercat gives our lending partners the power to connect with a wider range of customers, understand them better, and deliver exceptional service like never before, reshaping the lending industry in the digital era.

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Power the growth of group's lenders - Plata & Bamboo

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Created a scalable, performant and robust platform, at the leading edge of embedded finance

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Delivers fully customisable credit, product and distribution solutions for our partners, enabling them to unlock new opportunities

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Combines integration with all major UK Credit Reference Agencies and Open-Banking providers, with advanced Machine Learning and financial modelling to better understand our customers, and create products that meet their needs

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Has a diverse team that is one of the strongest in the industry. Their breadth of experience drives our continued growth with unique insight and creativity

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Is backed by Silverstripe UK, a major investor into the UK consumer finance market

Our Technology

Silvercat is leading the way in the embedded finance industry, taking established methodologies enhanced with new technology that we implement with precision, to deliver a cloud-based, customisable platform that powers the success of our lending partners.

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Credit Risk & Analytics

Silvercat gives our lending partners the power to grow consumer finance businesses like never before. With machine learning, advanced data processing, state-of-the-art financial modelling, and fully customisable product solutions, we deliver unparalleled lending capabilities to our partners and their customers.

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Silvercat is backed by Silverstripe UK, a major investor into the UK consumer finance market

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Silverstripe is a specialist financial services investor backed by IAG Capital Partners

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Work with Silvercat

Silverstripe Credit & Technologies are pushing the limits of technology in the lending industry, putting creative problem solving, analysis and testing of process, method and outcome at the core of the business. We continuously hunt for new talent and unique thinkers at the top of their fields, to reframe problems and find the solutions that traditional work cultures struggle to produce.

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