is leading the way in the embedded finance industry, taking established methodologies enhanced with new technology that we implement with precision, to deliver a cloud-based, customisable platform that powers the success of our lending partners.

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Our cloud-based financial services technology platform allows us to deliver fully customisable solutions, from concept right through to management of financial products and services.


Scalability, performance, and resilience are fundamental to the Silvercat technology platform. We use robust infrastructure and coding practices to ensure we are fully optimised to deal with high volumes of traffic and intense processing loads.


The privacy and security of customer data is paramount to us. We keep information safe from unauthorised access, data breaches, and cyber threats with a rigorous schedule of software enhancements and application development, reinforced by machine learning to spot suspicious activity, a comprehensive review process and regular updates of permissions and access controls.

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We leverage powerful tools and technologies to build and deploy robust and scalable applications. Our tech stack comprises of AWS, Kubernetes, Postgres, Ruby, and Typescript, and we continuously explore new technologies and incorporate the latest advancements into our platform to stay ahead of the curve.


Our tech experts follow an agile approach, with experienced full-stack developers working in tight-knit teams. Our culture promotes high quality code, tested and peer reviewed at every stage of development to ensure that nothing compromises outcomes, utilising automated code pipelines to ensure efficient and reliable delivery of code to production.

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The Silvercat platform connects seamlessly with essential third-parties such as the open banking network, and the systems used by credit bureaus and payment and servicing providers. By using and exposing JSON APIs conforming with OpenAPI standards, we can ensure full compatibility even through third party system and application updates.


Our architecture allows us to support customisable brand designs, configurable customer journeys, and customer self-service either via our web site or via APIs. Making life simple for the customer is at the heart of our technology decisions, whether allowing for emerging payment options such as Open Banking, using Voice Analytics to improve our quality assurance and customer experience, or multiple and flexible communications channels

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