gives our lending partners the power to grow consumer finance businesses like never before. With machine learning, advanced data processing, state-of-the-art financial modelling, and fully customisable product solutions, we deliver unparalleled lending capabilities to our partners and their customers.

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Product & Decision Optimisation

Financial Modelling - Every penny counts.

What is the profit and loss statement for every loan issued? How will the portfolio perform under changing economic scenarios? How will a shift in business strategy impact cash flows in 5 years?

With advanced financial models and industry expertise, we can provide insight and enable lending decisions that achieve financial results within the risk appetite.

Granular Segmentation - One size doesn't fit all.

We can serve thousands of distinct customer segments differently, offering bespoke products and prices to each individual borrower depending on their profile and needs.

Sophisticated Pricing - Price matters.

Powered by randomised testing and predictive modelling, we have developed a deep understanding of how interest rates influence conversion, customer behaviour and ultimately product economics.

Each one of the millions of pricing decisions made every month optimally balances profitability, growth, and borrower outcomes.

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Distribution & Channel Optimisation

We are industry leaders in deploying API integrations into Introducer and Partner distribution channels, and have the tech, credit and industry expertise to ensure all product quote searches are personalised, real-time, and with guaranteed pricing and certainty of acceptance.

Our application API gives us maximum flexibility and customisation, with introducer partners able to host the application journeys within their technical environments.

This results in a seamless, unified journey for the applicant, resulting in higher conversion rates and more satisfied customers through improved experience.


Lending and operating decisions in our group's lending businesses are supported by our proprietary, fully cloud-based predictive models, recognising complex patterns across thousands of criteria extracted from a wide range of data sources, including multiple Credit Bureaus and Open Banking providers.

We continuously retrain and deploy new models, leveraging the latest developments in Machine Learning and Al to optimise business and customer outcomes. By processing large amounts of data on over 1m customer prospects a month in near-real-time, we ensure optimal decisions every time.


Optimised lending relies on analytical excellence, which is highly data-intensive. Our robust, low-latency cloud-based platform takes care of the data flow from multiple sources into our databases, and ultimately on to decision making and business monitoring.

By leveraging the latest processing and management tools, we employ a best-in-class data driven approach, ensuring high quality, granular data is available to all our stakeholders, highlighting trends and insights to power better decision making.

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Open Banking

Open Banking is a core part of our strategic vision for the future, and we have deeply embedded it into our decision making systems.

We have been pioneering Open Banking technology since 2016, before the actual standards had been codified by the OBIE. As a result, we have accrued more hands-on experience and real-life data than most of our competitors.

The end result is a market-leading technological and decisioning infrastructure, proven to benefit our clients with credit and operational risk reduction.

The key features of our Open Banking proposition are:

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Native, scalable multi-AISP support, with huge data streams and categorisation standards supported concurrently

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Low-latency connectivity with introducers and brokers

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Comprehensive, data-driven, automated financial vulnerability assessment suite

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Advanced ML- and Al-based creditworthiness models, which can be used stand-alone or to augment traditional CRA-based decisioning flows

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Macroeconomic monitoring from real transactional data, to capture trends in income and expenditure

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