serving writers and publishers since 1988

The Story of Silvercat

I'm Robert Goodman. In 1988, I founded Silvercat, a publishing company specializing in consumer issues and the quality of life. We did pretty well at first. Then book returns spiked, our distributor went bankrupt, and Silvercat lost a year’s worth of receivables. Bookstores competed to see who could return books first. My only consolation was the snacks of brownie crumbs I picked from the spines of the books.

My Ph.D. in history would have given me many job options, but I loved what I did and the people I worked with. I turned to book packaging and stayed in the book business. I met wonderful people, built a strong professional foundation, and had adventures I would not otherwise have had.

I co-founded Publishers and Writers of San Diego and spent four wonderful years as a board member of the Independent Book Publishers Association. I helped start a nationally recognized writers conference, co-hosted an Internet radio show, and coordinated the unpublished memoir competition of the San Diego Book Awards. Those and other experiences gave me opportunities to contribute in a rich, rewarding way.

Over the years, Silvercat and I have played parts in many publishing projects. We have:

·        designed more than 100 books and ebooks

·        edited both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts

·        helped small and self-publishers bring their books to market

·        guided clients in founding publishing companies

· advised clients about distribution, marketing, promotion, and publicity

In 2001, I founded Silver Threads, a sister company focusing on personal stories and memoirs. Between the two companies, we have touched on nearly all aspects of the writing and publishing business. At the same time, we have experienced the joy of combining our professional expertise with our passion for the printed word. I think our enthusiasm shows.